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The new Holly Area Schools website has launched! á

This site will be available through June 30th and then will be removed.

Access our new website by visiting: www.hask12.org áor áwww.has-k12.org
Holly Area Schools Personnel Directory
Building Main Lines:
ááááá Karl Richter Campus / Administration ááá á á á 248.328.3100áááá á áá Fax 248.328.3145 ááááááá
ááááá Holly High School ááá á á á 248.328.3200áááá á áá Fax 248.328.3211á
ááááá Holly Middle School á á á á á 248.328.3400 á á áá á Fax 248.328.3404 áááááá
ááááá Davisburg Elementary á á á á á 248.328.3500ááá á á á Fax 248.328.3504
ááááá Holly Elementary áá á á áá 248.328.3600áá á á áá Fax 248.328.3604
ááááá Patterson Elementary á á á á á 248.328.3700áááá á áá Fax 248.328.3704
ááááá Rose Pioneer Elementary á á á á á 248.328.3800 á á á áá Fax 248.328.3804 áá
ááááá Food Service Department áá á á áá 248.328.3033 á á áá á Fax 248.328.3034á
ááááá Transportation Department áá á á áá 248.328.3090 á á áá á Fax 248.328.3097 áááá

Extensions beginning with a five (5) are internal numbers.á To reach these extensions, please dial the main line for the corresponding building.á Extensions beginning with a three (3) can be reached by dialing the prefix of 248.328. ####

You can reach voicemail for all staff members by dialing 248.328.3100 and entering the extension listed below.
Last Name First Name Building Email Address Job Title Extension
A á á á á á
Aldrich Angela KRC Angela.Aldrich@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3170
Alexander Shawn High School Shawn.Alexander@hask12.org Teacher-online 5211
Allen Jenelle Davisburg Jenelle.Allen@hask12.org Teacher 5550
Alvarado Wendy KRC Wendy.Alvarado@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3170
Aman Joshua Holly El Joshua.Aman@hask12.org Long Term Sub - Woodzell 5649
Anderson Jennifer Holly El Jennifer.Anderson@hask12.org Speech & Language Pathologist 5623
Aska-Wilson Melissa High School Melissa.Aska-Wilson@hask12.org Teacher 5283
Assenmacher Amy District Amy.Assenmacher@hask12.org Occupational Therapist 3175
Augustine Heather Holly El n/a Childcare 3022
B á á á á á
Baker Mary High School Mary.Baker@hask12.org Teacher 5265
Baker Myong Patterson n/a Childcare 3700
Baker Scott High School Scott.Baker@hask12.org Teacher 5315
Baldwin Benjamin High School Benjamin.Baldwin@hask12.org Teacher 5332
Baldwin Benjamin Middle School Benjamin.Baldwin@hask12.org Teacher 5471
Bammerlin Toni Rose Pioneer n/a Food Service 3800
Barth Jason High School Jason.Barth@hask12.org Teacher 5223
Barth Miranda High School Miranda.Barth@hask12.org Teacher 5277
Bartlett Debra Holly El Debra.Bartlett@hask12.org Administrative Assistant 3601
Bauer Lorraine Rose Pioneer lorraine.bauer@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3800
Beardsley Susan Holly El susan.beardsley@hask12.org GSRP/Headstart 3619
Beattie Michael Rose Pioneer Michael.Beattie@hask12.org Principal 3803
Beebe Elizabeth High School Elizabeth.Beebe@hask12.org Secretary 3226
Beebe Kevin Transportation kevin.beebe@hask12.org Assistant Mechanic 3090
Belisle Andrea High School Andrea.Belisle@hask12.org Teacher 5314
Bentley Cynthia High School Cynthia.Bentley@hask12.org Secretary 3225
Bertram Jean Holly El Jean.Bertram@hask12.org Teacher 5630
Bertram Jean Patterson Jean.Bertram@hask12.org Teacher 3083
Bezemek Beth Holly Middle Beth.Bezemek@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3170
Bicknell Karen High School Karen.Bicknell@hask12.org Teacher 5325
Bidwell Kelly Davisburg n/a Childcare 3500
Bishop Todd District Todd.Bishop@hask12.org Maintenance 3613
Blair Linda BOE Linda.Blair@hask12.org BOE n/a
Bladzik Amanda BOE Amanda.Bladzik@hask12org BOE n/a
Bland Jennifer Davisburg/Holly El n/a Childcare 3615
Boman Audrey Holly El Audrey.Boman@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3600
Beth Booher Patterson Beth.Booher@hask12.org Longterm Y5's teacher 3700
Borucki Kathryn Patterson Kathryn.Borucki@hask12.org Teacher 5740
Bovee Paula Davisburg n/a Childcare 3500
Brancheau Michelle Administration Michelle.Brancheau@hask12.org Network Administrator 3215
Brewer Stephanie High School Stephanie.Brewer@hask12.org Food Service 3207
Briggs Naomi Holly Middle Naomi.Briggs@hask12.org Teacher 5443
Brinker Richard Davisburg Richard.Brinker@hask12.org Teacher 5639
Brinker Richard Rose Pioneer Richard.Brinker@hask12.org Teacher 5840
Brown Kali Transportation Kali.Brown@hask12.org Bus Driver 3090
Brown Kristie Rose Pioneer Kristie.Brown@hask12.org Teacher 5839
Brown Sheila Holly El Sheila.Brown@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3600
Bryant-Ott Paul Holly Middle Paul.Bryant-Ott@hask12.org Teacher 5411
Buchler Stacie Transportation Stacie.Buchler@hask12.org Bus Attendant 3090
Bunner Marti Holly El Marti.Bunner@hask12.org GSRP/Headstart 3618
Burgess Patricia Holly Middle Patricia.Burgess@hask12.org Secretary 3408
Burns Constance Holly Middle Constance.Burns@hask12.org Teacher 5488
Burns Lindsay Davisburg Lindsay.Dziczek@hask12.org GSRP Teacher 3527
Buttrey Denise Patterson Denise.Buttrey@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3700
C á á á á á
Campbell Lena KRC Lena.Campbell@hask12.org Social Worker 3080
Camper Doug Rose Pioneer Doug.Camper@hask12.org Teacher 5851
Cantarella Teresa Rose Pioneer Teresa.Cantarella@hask12.org Teacher 5844
Carlson Elizabeth Davisburg Elizabeth.Carlson@hask12.org Teacher 5509
Carlson Elizabeth Rose Pioneer Elizabeth.Carlson@hask12.org Teacher 5846
Carson Darlene Davisburg Darlene.Carson@hask12.org Teacher 5558
Carson Darlene Rose Pioneer Darlene.Carson@hask12.org Teacher 5823
Cartner Lisa KRC Lisa.Cartner@hask12.org Teacher 3176
Catalina Andrea High School Andrea.Catalina@hask12.org Teacher 5284
Cerano Kimberly Middle School Kimberly.Cerano@hask12.org Teacher 5476
Chambers Eric High School Eric.Chambers@hask12.org Teacher 3335
Chambers Erin Holly El Erin.Chambers@hask12.org Social Worker 5656
Chambers Erin High School Erin.Chambers@hask12.org Social Worker 3084
Chambers Jennifer Holly El Jennifer.Chambers@hask12.org Teacher 5651
Childress Jacqueline Holly El Jacqueline.Childress@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3600
Church Jacqueline Patterson Jacqueline.Church@hask12.org Teacher 5742
Claussen Christine High School Christine.Claussen@hask12.org Teacher 5278
Clemons Lisa Holly Middle Lisa.Clemons@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3400
Clink Laurie Holly El Laurie.Clink@hask12.org Teacher 5654
Coggins Anthony High School Anthony.Coggins@hask12.org Teacher 5321
Confer Leslie Rose Pioneer Leslie.Confer@hask12.org Teacher 5834
Connell Kristine Holly El kristine.connell@hask12.org GSRP/Headstart 3617
Cook Joann Davisburg Joann.Cook@hask12.org Childcare Coordinator 3515
Cook Rebecca High School Rebecca.Cook@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3600
Cooley Cynthia Holly El Cynthia.Cooley@hask12.org Teacher 5652
Cornwell Polly Patterson Polly.Cornwell@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3700
Corsaut Emily Davisburg Emily.Corsaut@hask12.org Teacher 5538
Courtney Dorothy Rose Pioneer Dorothy.Courtney@hask12.org Teacher 5836
Creasey John High School John.Creasey@hask12.org Teacher 5294
Creasey Stephanie Davisburg Joy.Creasey@hask12.org Teacher 5528
Crimmins Christine Holly El Christine.Crimmins@hask12.org Teacher 5632
Crimmins Elizabeth Administration Elizabeth.Crimmins@hask12.org Human Resources 3141
Crowder Deborah Patterson Deborah.Crowder@hask12.org Teacher 5745
Csizmadia Lisa Holly Middle Lisa.Csizmadia@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3400
Culloty Ryan High School Ryan.Culloty@hask12.org Teacher 5310
Cummings Renee Davisburg Renee.Cummings@hask12.org Teacher 5536
Cunningham Lisa Davisburg lisa.cunningham@hask12.org Childcare 3525
Curl Eric Middle School Eric.Curl@hask12.org Principal 3403
Curl Mackenzie Holly Middle Mackenzie.Curl@hask12.org Teacher 5463
D á á á á á
Dannecker Deirdre Patterson Deirdre.Dannecker@hask12.org Teacher 5746
Davis-Collyer Catherine Holly Middle Catherine.Davis-Collyer@hask12.org Administrative Assistant 3401
Davison Patricia Transportation Patricia.Davison@hask12.org Bus Driver 3090
Davison Thomas Transportation Thomas.Davison@hask12.org Bus Driver 3090
Dawson Cathy Rose Pioneer n/a Noon supervisor 3800
Day Haley Patterson Haley.Day@hask12.org Teacher 5727
Deahl Peter BOE Peter.Deahl@hask12.org BOE n/a
Dejonge Kassie Davisburg Kassie.Dejonge@hask12.org Social Worker 5532
Dejonge Kassie Patterson Kassie.Dejonge@hask12.org Social Worker 5724
Demott Mary Holly Middle Mary.Demott@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3400
Desana Ryan Holly El Ryan.Desana@hask12.org Principal 3603
Devries Karrie Patterson Karrie.Devries@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3700
Devroy Maureen KRC maureen.devroy@hask12.org Parent Involvement Coordinator 3019
Dewitt Kelly Holly El Kelly.Dewitt@hask12.org Teacher 5633
Dietrich Susan High School Susan.Dietrich@hask12.org Teacher 5301
Dively Aaron Rose Pioneer n/a Custodian 3806
Dively Valerie Rose Pioneer n/a Custodian 3806
Doebel Jennifer Patterson Jennifer.Doebel@hask12.org Teacher 5749
Dolloff Mary Patterson Mary.Dolloff@hask12.org Teacher 5729
Donnellon Michael High School Michael.Donnellon@hask12.org Teacher 5270
Doshen Lorena Transportation Lorena.Doshen@hask12.org Bus Attendant 3090
Dotson Angela Davisburg Angela.Dotson@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3500
Dowling Nancy Patterson Nancy.Dowling@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3700
Dunikowski Susan Davisburg n/a GSRP/Headstart 3500
Dzendzel-Freeman Kristine Patterson kristine.dzendzel-freeman@hask12.org GSRP 3026
E á á á á á
Edwards Tonya Rose Pioneer Tonya.Edwards@hask12.org GSRP/Headstart 3810
Elliott Michelle Middle School michelle.elliott@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3204
Elya Denise High School Denise.Elya@hask12.org Teacher 5247
Engberg Patricia Transportation Patricia.Engberg@hask12.org Bus Driver 3090
Eubanks Lisa Davisburg Lisa.Eubanks@hask12.org GSRP/Headstart 3500
F á á á á á
Fedchenko Gregory High School Gregory.Fedchenko@hask12.org Teacher 5298
Feres Regina Davisburg (Tues & Thurs p.m.) feresgina@yahoo.com Childcare 3500
Feres Regina Holly El feresgina@yahoo.com Childcare 3615
Ferguson Jennifer Davisburg Jennifer.Ferguson@hask12.org Teacher 5547
Ferguson Karyn High School Karyn.Ferguson@hask12.org Teacher 5302
Festian Nicole High School Nicole.Festian@hask12.org Counselor 3231
Fettig Jennifer High School jennifer.fettig@hask12.org Assistant Principal 3218
Fischer Ann Administration Ann.Fischer@hask12.org Central Enrollment/Accts. Payable 3106
Flewelling Jennifer Rose Pioneer Jennifer.Flewelling@hask12.org Teacher 3800
Fons Jennifer District Jennifer.Fons@hask12.org OT 3170
Forthoffer Rebecca High School Rebecca.Forthoffer@hask12.org Teacher 5267
Fromm Melissa High School Melissa.Fromm@hask12.org Teacher 5269
Fry Karissa Davisburg Karissa.Fry@hask12.org Teacher 5557
Fuller Amy Davisburg Amy.Fuller@hask12.org Teacher 5545
G á á á á á
Gabany Kristen Patterson Kristen.Gabany@hask12.org GSRP 3026
Galligan Michael High School Michael.Galligan@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3200
Gargaro Kerry High School Kerry.Gargaro@hask12.org Teacher 5268
Giehtbrock Dianne Davisburg Dianne.Giehtbrock@hask12.org Teacher 5521
Gill Crystal High School Crystal.Gill@hask12.org Teacher 5288
Gillespie Ryan Holly Middle Ryan.Gillespie@hask12.org Teacher 5445
Gilmore Linda Transportation Linda.Gilmore@hask12.org Asst. Transportation Supervisor 3093
Giroux Jeanette Patterson Jeanette.Giroux@hask12.org Childcare 3700
Glass Kimberly Patterson kimberly.glass@hask12.org Preschool Teacher 3715
Godin Rebecca District Rebecca.Godin@hask12.org Teacher 3188
Godoshian Kristin Holly Middle Kristin.Godoshian@hask12.org Counselor 3429
Goett Emma High School Emma.Goett@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3200
Goings Jennifer Patterson Jennifer.Goings@hask12.org Teacher 5750
Golden Lynne Holly Middle Lynne.Golden@hask12.org Speech & Language Pathologist 5481
Goodall Robert Transportation Robert.Goodall@hask12.org Bus Driver 3090
Goodman Diane Davisburg n/a Noon supervisor 3500
Goodvich Carol Patterson Carol.Goodvich@hask12.org Administrative Assistant 3701
Gragg Charles High School Charles.Gragg@hask12.org Online Coordinator 5259
Graham Janice Patterson Janice.Graham@hask12.org Teacher 5717
Graham Victoria Holly Middle Victoria.Graham@hask12.org Teacher 5454
Graves Zachary Patterson Zachary.Graves@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3700
Grugel Sharon Holly El n/a Food Service 3600
H á á á á á
Hacker Brian High School Brian.Hacker@hask12.org Teacher 5299
Hacker Brian Middle School Brian.Hacker@hask12.org Teacher 5473
Hall David High School David.Hall@hask12.org Teacher 5322
Hamilton Barbara High School n/a Food Service 3207
Haney Mary Middle School Mary.Haney@hask12.org Teacher 5429
Hanlin Linda District Linda.Hanlin@hask12.org Occupational Therapist 3170
Hard Renee High School Renee.Hard@hask12.org Teacher 5306
Hare Ceanne Davisburg Ceanne.Hare@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3500
Harkins Christopher KRC Christopher.Harkins@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3170
Harris Marcy High School Marcy.Harris@hask12.org Teacher 5320
Harrison Vicky High School Vicky.Harrison@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3200
Haverkate Michelle High School michelle.haverkate@hask12.org Long Term Sub - Baran 3200
Hauxwell Tonya Patterson Tonya.Hauxwell@hask12.org GSRP/Headstart 3700
Hayden Deanna KRC Deanna.Hayden@hask12.org Teacher 3177
Heaton Casey Davisburg Casey.Heaton@hask12.org GSRP/Headstart 3500
Held Libby High School Libby.Held@hask12.org Teacher 5295
Henski. Linda Middle School n/a Noon supervisor 3200
Highfield Aimee Rose Pioneerá Aimee.Highfield@hask12.org Teacher 5817
Highfield Kathryn Administration Kathryn.Highfield@hask12.org Curriculum and Staff Development 3136
Hill Lisa High School Lisa.Hill@hask12.org Secretary 3213
Hiller Donnette Davisburg n/a Noon supervisor 3500
Hodgins Ryan District Ryan.Hodgins@hask12.org Maintenance 3163
Holek Tricia Holly Middle Tricia.Holek@hask12.org Teacher 5448
Hollopeter Catherine High School Catherine.Hollopeter@hask12.org Teacher 5256
Houck Michael High School Michael.Houck@hask12.org Police Liaison 3219
Houldsworth Deanna High School Deanna.Houldsworth@hask12.org Teacher 5261
Howe Jannie Davisburg Jannie.Howe@hask12.org Administrative Assistant 3501
Hubbard Rachael Holly Middle Rachael.Hubbard@hask12.org Teacher 5472
Hubler Janet High School Janet.Hubler@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3200
Hughes AmyJo Holly Middle Amy.Hughes@hask12.org Teacher 5427
Hughes Daniel Holly Middle Daniel.Hughes@hask12.org Teacher 5414
Humphrey Sheri High School Sheri.Humphrey@hask12.org Teacher 5318
Hutchins Joseph Patterson Joseph.Hutchins@hask12.org Teacher 5728
J á á á á á
Jarrett Brenda Patterson Brenda.Jarrett@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3700
Jensen Alice KRC Alice.Jensen@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3170
Jensen Tracey Holly Middle Tracey.Jensen@hask12.org Teacher 5450
Johnson Andrea Transportation Andrea.Johnson@hask12.org Bus Driver 3090
Johnson Sally Administration Sally.Johnson@hask12.org Benefits 3111
Johnstone-Ortman Shawn Holly El Shawn.Johnstone-Ortman@hask12.org Teacher 5648
K á á á á á
Kahn Lori Administration Lori.Kahn@hask12.org Executive Assistant/State Reporting 3147
Kahn Stephanie District Stephanie.Kahn@hask12.org Teacher 5617
Kammerer Kim High School kim.kammerer@hask12.org Educational Liaison 5336
Keener Renee Middle School Renee.Keener@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3400
Kenwell Deborah Holly Middle Deborah.Kenwell@hask12.org Teacher 5461
Kessler Kathleen High School n/a Food Service 3207
Kimmel Jessica Administration Jessica.Kimmel@hask12.org Facility Director 3163
King Christine Patterson Christine.King@hask12.org Teacher 5753
Kinnamon Jane Rose Pioneer Jane.Kinnamon@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3800
Kittle Jennifer Rose Pioneer Jennifer.Kittle@hask12.org Teacher 5845
Klein Jennifer Patterson n/a Food Service 3700
Klempp Jennifer Rose Pioneer Jennifer.Klempp@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3800
Klempp Nicholas KRC Nicholas.Klempp@hask12.org Community Coalition 3135
Knauft Tracy High School Tracy.Knauft@hask12.org Teacher 5334
Knight Joanne Transportation Joanne.Knight@hask12.org Bus Driver 3090
Koen Lorabell Transportation Lorabell.Koen@hask12.org Bus Driver 3090
Kohler Julia Holly El Julia.Kohler@hask12.org PreSchool 3022
Kotalik Ann High School Ann.Kotalik@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 5261
Kott Denise Davisburg Denise.Kott@hask12.org Principal 3503
Kraemer Margaret Patterson Margaret.Kraemer@hask12.org Principal 3703
Krause Charlotte Administration Charlotte.Krause@hask12.org Special Services 3170
Kraut Wendy Holly El Wendy.Kraut@hask12.org Teacher 5626
Kreger Lori High School Lori.Kreger@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3200
Kuciemba Sarah Middle School Sarah.Kuciemba@hask12.org Teacher 5424
L á á á á á
LaBadie Kari KRC Kari.LaBadie@hask12.org Receptionist 3107
LaBrecque Ranae Davisburg Ranae.Labrecque@hask12.org Teacher 5546
Ladd Jennifer Holly El Jennifer.Ladd@hask12.org Teacher 5615
LaFrance Corbett Athletics Corbett.LaFrance@hask12.org Trainer 3247
Lamb Stacey Rose Pioneer Stacey.Lamb@hask12.org Secretary 3813
Lamberti Joshua High School Joshua.Lamberti@hask12.org Teacher 5313
LaMothe Kathleen Middle School Kathleen.LaMothe@hask12.org Teacher 5430
Landwerlen Melissa Middle School n/a Noon supervisor 3400
Larson Suzanne Davisburg Suzanne.Larson@hask12.org Teacher 5527
Lavigne June Patterson n/a Preschool Assistant Teacher 3700
Lawrence Molly Patterson Molly.Lawrence@hask12.org Teacher 5741
Layman Amber Rose Pioneer Amber.Layman@hask12.org GSRP/Headstart 3800
Legant Laura Rose Pioneer Laura.Legant@hask12.org Teacher 5838
Leist Pamela Middle School Pamela.Leist@hask12.org Teacher 5413
Lemiere-Bozynski Steven KRC Steven.Lemiere-Bozynski@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3170
Lemmons Lachelle High School Lachelle.Lemmons@hask12.org Teacher 5317
Lenar Steven Business Steven.Lenar@hask12.org Assistant Superintendent 3151
Lesperance Dallas High School Dallas.Lesperance@hask12.org Athletic Secretary 3247
Liley Susan KRC Susan.Liley@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3170
Lindsay Derek High School Derek.Lindsay@hask12.org Assistant Principal 3217
Link Katie Middle School Katie.Link@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3400
Lofiego Peter High School Peter.Lofiego@hask12.org Principal 3203
Lombard Casey High School Casey.Lombard@hask12.org Teacher 5258
Loria Marc Middle School Marc.Loria@hask12.org Teacher 5453
Lotridge Lisa Patterson n/a Noon supervisor 3700
Lounds Ellen Administration Ellen.Lounds@hask12.org Special Services Director 3073
Luebeck Melinda Middle School melinda.luebeck@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3400
Luna Rodney Transportation Rodney.Luna@hask12.org Bus Attendant 3090
Lusk Nicole High School Nicole.Lusk@hask12.org Counselor 3232
M á á á á á
Maas Stephanie Rose Pioneer Stephanie.Maas@hask12.org Preschool Teacher 3815
Manning Sarah Davisburg Sarah.Manning@hask12.org Teacher 5853
Manning Sarah Rose Pioneer Sarah.Manning@hask12.org Teacher 5853
Mansour Alexandra Patterson Alexandra.Mansour@hask12.org Title 1 support Teacher á
Marchbanks Alison Holly El Alison.Marchbanks@hask12.org Teacher 5636
Marchbanks Alison Davisburg Alison.Marchbanks@hask12.org Teacher 5636
Marion Kathy Patterson Kathy.Marion@hask12.org Teacher 5744
Martin Kathleen Rose Pioneer Kathleen.Martin@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3800
Martin Lindsey High School Lindsey.Martin@hask12.org Teacher 5331
Martin Lindsey Middle School Lindsey.Martin@hask12.org Teacher 5416
Martin Melanie Davisburg Melanie.Martin@hask12.org Teacher 5551
Mason Jeremy District Jeremy.Mason@hask12.org Building Engineer 3163
Mathews Ryan High School Ryan.mathews@hask12.org Online/Career 3200
Mattingly Mark Middle School Mark.Mattingly@hask12.org Counselor 3407
Maynard Gregory High School Gregory.Maynard@hask12.org Online Monitor 5257
Mayo Emily Patterson Emily.Mayo@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3700
McCreedy Joshua High School Joshua.McCreedy@hask12.org Teacher 5250
McCullough(Diehl) Melanie High School n/a Food Service 3207
McDonald Amy District Amy.Mcdonald@hask12.org Physical Therapist 5625
McDowell Sara Patterson Sara.Mcdowell@hask12.org Teacher 5734
McKinnon Mark Transportation Mark.Mckinnon@hask12.org Head Mechanic 3090
McLaughlin Jason Holly El Jason.Mclaughlin@hask12.org Teacher 5639
McLaughlin Jason Patterson Jason.Mclaughlin@hask12.org Teacher 5714
McMillan Kelly Holly El kelly.mcmillan@hask12.org GSRP/Headstart 3600
McMullen Hilarie BOE Hilarie.McMullen@hask12.org BOE n/a
McNeely Paul High School Paul.McNeely@hask12.org Teacher 5286
Meade Margaret Rose Pioneer Margaret.Meade@hask12.org Teacher 5858
Miller Colleen Holly El Colleen.Miller@hask12.org Teacher 5614
Miller Joseph Rose Pioneer Joseph.Miller@hask12.org Teacher 5848
Miller Melissa Transportation Melissa.Miller@hask12.org Bus Driver 3090
Millhouse Michael High School Michael.Millhouse@hask12.org Teacher 5282
Millis Marcia High School Marcia.Millis@hask12.org Food Service 3207
Milosevski Heather Holly El Heather.Milosevski@hask12.org Teacher 5629
Mondoux Katelyn High School Katelyn.Mondoux@hask12.org Teacher 5305
Mordue Pamela High School Pamela.Mordue@hask12.org Teacher 3348
Muehl Linda Patterson n/a Childcare 3700
Muehl Linda Rose Pioneer n/a Childcare 3815
Murphy Heather High School Heather.Murphy@hask12.org Counselor 3230
Myers Jill Rose Pioneer Jill.Myers@hask12.org Preschool Assistant Teacher 3815
Myers Shara Davisburg Shara.Myers@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3500
N á á á á á
Nabaty Sarah High School Sarah.Nabaty@hask12.org Teacher 5309
Nester Cheryl Middle School Cheryl.Nester@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3400
Neuwirth Lesa Holly El Lesa.Neuwirth@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3600
Newingham Rachel Rose Pioneer n/a Noon supervisor 3800
Nuckolls Lisa Davisburg Lisa.Nuckolls@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3500
Nuss David Administration David.Nuss@hask12.org Superintendent 3147
O á á á á á
O'Brien Elizabeth Patterson Elizabeth.OBrien@hask12.org Teacher 5751
O'Connor Janice Rose Pioneer n/a Food Service 3800
Oldaugh Laura High School Laura.Oldaugh@hask12.org Secretary 3221
Oneil Marisa Patterson Marisa.Oneil@hask12.org Teacher 5731
Ortiz Nicole Food Service Nicole.Ortiz@hask12.org Administrative Assistant 3036
Ostrom Windy Davisburg Windy.Ostrom@hask12.org Secretary 3513
Owen MaryJo Middle School MaryJo.Owen@hask12.org Teacher 5452
Owings Denise Transportation Denise.Owings@hask12.org Bus Driver 3090
P á á á á á
Padilla Chrissandra Holly El Chrissandra.Padilla@hask12.org GSRP/Headstart 3600
Palace Crystal High School Crystal.Palace@hask12.org Literacy Specialist 5266
Papple Susan KRC Susan.Papple@hask12.org Community Coalition 3135
Parker Matthew High School Matthew.Parker@hask12.org Teacher 5289
Parker Tricia Davisburg n/a Food Service 3500
Parsons Laura Rose Pioneer Laura.Parsons@hask12.org Administrative Assistant 3801
Parsons Stacy Patterson/KRC Stacy.Parsons@hask12.org Speech & Language Pathologist 5272
Parsons Stacy Patterson Stacy.Parsons@hask12.org Speech & Language Pathologist 5752
Pattan Maurenne Middle School Maurenne.Pattan@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3400
Pearson Brian High School Brian.Pearson@hask12.org Teacher 5311
Pecchio Jennifer Rose Pioneer Jennifer.Pecchio@hask12.org Teacher 5852
Pepin Robert District Robert.Pepin@hask12.org Custodial Supervisor 3163
Perrine Edward Transportation Edward.Perrine@hask12.org Bus Driver 3090
Perrine Kariná Patterson karin.perrine@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3700
Pierson Dana Holly El Dana.Pierson@hask12.org Teacher 5638
Pietka Dana Davisburg n/a Childcare 3500
Pinch Tracey Middle School Tracey.Pinch@hask12.org Teacher 5451
Pinkley Pamela High School Pamela.Pinkley@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3200
Pintek Daniel Patterson Daniel.Pintek@hask12.org Teacher 3700
Pintek Daniel Rose Pioneer Daniel.Pintek@hask12.org Teacher 3800
Piotrowski Sarah Middle School Sarah.Piotrowski@hask12.org Teacher 5484
Plaskon John Middle School John.Plaskon@hask12.org Teacher 5421
Plewa Carol Rose Pioneer Carol.Plewa@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3800
Ploch Dawn Rose Pioneer Dawn.ploch@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3800
Pluta Donald High School Donald.Pluta@hask12.org Teacher 5326
Poll Julie High School n/a Food Service 3200
Postma Kelly Holly El Kelly.Postma@hask12.org Teacher 5640
Pouncy Monica Middle School Monica.Pouncy@hask12.org Teacher 5438
Prechowski Catherine Rose Pioneer Catherine.Prechowski@hask12.org Speech & Language Pathologist 5825
Prechowski John Middle School John.Prechowski@hask12.org Teacher 5457
Przybylski Mary Holly El Mary.Przybylski@hask12.org Teacher 5655
Pudduck Colleen Patterson Colleen.Pudduck@hask12.org GSRP 3025
Pusey Sharon Patterson Sharon.Pusey@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3700
Putnam Megan Middle School n/a Food Service 3400
Q á á á á á
Quintanilla Flora District Flora.Quintanilla@hask12.org ESL coordinator á
R á á á á á
Rainey Jennifer Holly El Jennifer.Rainey@hask12.org GSRP/Headstart 3619
Rapin Michael High School Michael.Rapin@hask12.org Teacher 5255
Rarus Martha Middle School Martha.Rarus@hask12.org Teacher 5458
Raymoure Stephanie Patterson Stephanie.Raymoure@hask12.org Teacher 5743
Reddig Laurie High School Laurie.Reddig@hask12.org Educational Liaison 5336
Reed Debbie Davisburg n/a PreSchool 3516
Reed Doug Patterson n/a Custodian 3706
Reel Barb Holly El n/a Food Service 5607
Rees Robin District Robin.Rees@hask12.org Nurse 3028
Reickel-McHalpine Leigh Transportation Leigh.Reickel-McHalpine@hask12.org Bus Driver 3090
Reister Nicole Middle School Nicole.Reister@hask12.org Secretary 3413
Retka Karen Business Karen.Retka@hask12.org Finance Manager 3153
Richmond Frank Transportation Frank.Richmond@hask12.org Transportation Supervisor 3095
Ricksgers Mary Transportation Mary.Ricksgers@hask12.org Bus Driver 3090
Riefe Renee Patterson Renee.Riefe@hask12.org Speech & Language Pathologist 5730
Rigsby Carla Holly El Carla.Rigsby@hask12.org Latchkey Supervisor 3615
Riley Kevin Rose Pioneer Kevin.Riley@hask12.org Teacher 5829
Robb Mary Holly Middle Mary.Robb@hask12.org Food Service 3400
Rodgers Terri Holly El n/a PreSchool Assistant Teacher 3023
Rood Sarah Holly El Sarah.Rood@hask12.org Preschool Teacher 3023
Roper Scott Administration Scott.Roper@hask12.org Assistant Superintendent 3142
Rose Jennifer Holly El Jennifer.Rose@hask12.org Teacher 5605
Roshchina-Heilig Irina District Irina.Roshchina-Heilig@hask12.org ELL 3170
Rupp Brooke Davisburg n/a PreSchool 3516
Russ Rebecca Holly El Rebecca.Russ@hask12.org Teacher 5627
Russ Rebecca Patterson Rebecca.Russ@hask12.org Teacher 5732
S á á á á á
Sagert Katherine Rose Pioneer Katherine.Sagert@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3800
Sanchez Diana High School Diana.Sanchez@hask12.org Teacher 5212
Sanner Samantha Patterson Samantha.Sanner@hask12.org Food Service 3700
Schaffer Sandra Rose Pioneer n/a Noon supervisor 3800
Schebil Joanne KRC Joanne.Schebil@hask12.org Food Service Director 3033
Schimmeyer Ann Business Ann.Schimmeyer@hask12.org Payroll 3152
Schreiber Amanda Rose Pioneer Amanda.Schreiber@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3800
Schwartz Aimee Davisburg Aimee.Schwartz@hask12.org Teacher 5525
Scruggs Wendy Middle School n/a Noon supervisor 3400
Shepherd Lesley Patterson Lesley.Shepherd@hask12.org Teacher 5716
Shepherd Michelle High School Michelle.Shepherd@hask12.org Administrative Assistant 3201
Silvey Jay Patterson Jay.Silvey@hask12.org Teacher 5737
Singer Pamela Holly El Pamela.Singer@hask12.org Teacher 5620
Smades Kathryn Holly El Kathryn.Smades@hask12.org Teacher 5635
Smiertka Melissa Davisburg n/a Noon supervisor 3500
Smith Brian Middle School Brian.Smith@hask12.org Teacher 5412
Smith Michele Middle School Michele.Smith@hask12.org Food Service 3615
Smith Michele Holly El Michele.Smith@hask12.org Childcare 3600
Smith Ryan Middle School Ryan.Smith@hask12.org Teacher 5459
Smith Stacey District n/a Food Service / Driver 3036
Snodsmith Jennifer Rose Pioneer Jennifer.Snodsmith@hask12.org Teacher 5856
Snodsmith Ryan Rose Pioneer Ryan.Snodsmith@hask12.org Teacher 5842
Sophiea William High School William.Sophiea@hask12.org Teacher 5300
Spitzer Leah Transportation Leah.Spitzer@hask12.org Bus Driver 3090
Starick Becky High School Becky.Starick@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3260
Steele Lorey Patterson lorey.steele@hask12.org GSRP/Headstart 3700
Stefanko Susan Middle School Susan.Stefanko@hask12.org Teacher 5432
Steinmetz Judy Patterson Judy.Steinmetz@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3700
Stermer Carolyn High School Carolyn.Stermer@hask12.org Teacher 5219
Stevens Erika Patterson Erika.Stevens@hask12.org Secretary 3713
Stockwell Dorothy Transportation Dorothy.Stockwell@hask12.org Bus Driver 3090
Stottlemyer Tamara Transportation Tamara.Stottlemyer@hask12.org Bus Driver 3090
Street Haley Middle School Haley.Street@hask12.org Assistant Principal 3406
Strong Julianne Davisburg Julianne.Strong@hask12.org Teacher 5506
Summers Barb Rose Pioneer n/a Noon supervisor 3800
Swalwell Andrea Davisburg Andrea.Swalwell@hask12.org GSRP/Headstart 3024
Swartz Mary (Jentien) Transportation Mary.Swartz@hask12.org Bus Driver 3090
Sweany Dyan Patterson n/a Noon supervisor 3700
Swiderski Kaitlyn High School Kaitlyn.Swiderski@hask12.org Teacher 5323
Szewc Marie Davisburg n/a PreSchool 3516
T á á á á á
Taylor Janine Davisburg janine.taylor@hask12.org Physical Therapist 3500
Teague Devin High School n/a Food Service 3207
Teffer Jill Patterson Jill.Teffer@hask12.org Teacher 5735
Terpening Timothy Transportation Timothy.terpening@hask12.org Bus Driver 3090
Tessens Cheryl Patterson Cheryl.Tessens@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3700
Thomas Betty Patterson Betty.Thomas@hask12.org GSRP/Headstart 3720
Thompson Jaclyn Patterson Jaclyn.Thompson@hask12.org Title 1 3700
Tillier Sandra Holly El Sandra.Tillier@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3600
Tiltman Jill Transportation Jill.Tiltman@hask12.org Bus Driver 3090
Tomlinson Lisa High School Lisa.Tomlinson@hask12.org Teacher 5304
Tripp Bailey Davisburg Bailey.Tripp@hask12.org Teacher 5525
Turcott Sharon High School Sharon.Turcott@hask12.org Food Service 3207
Turner Monica Middle School Monica.Turner@hask12.org Teacher 5475
Turner Patrice Davisburg n/a Food Service 3500
V á á á á á
VanCamp Rosie Patterson n/a Noon supervisor 3700
Vankuiken Deborah High School Deborah.Vankuiken@hask12.org Athletic Director 3243
Vanscoyoc Shari Middle School Shari.Vanscoyoc@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3400
VanSickle Shasta Middle School n/a Food Service 3400
Volkman Beverly Middle School Beverly.Volkman@hask12.org Teacher 5456
W á á á á á
Walters Joseph Middle School Joseph.Walters@hask12.org Teacher 5428
Weber Constance Transportation Constance.Weber@hask12.org Bus Driver 3090
Wehri Katherine Davisburg Katherine.Wehri@hask12.org Teacher 5549
Weimer Melissa Rose Pioneer Melissa.Weimer@hask12.org Teacher 5849
Weisdorfer Matthew Middle School Matthew.Weisdorfer@hask12.org Teacher 5449
Wheatley Kenneth Transportation Kenneth.Wheatley@hask12.org Bus Driver 3090
Whitman Megan Middle School Megan.Whitman@hask12.org Teacher 5423
Widdis Christine Rose Pioneer Christine.Widdis@hask12.org Teacher 5841
Williams Danyelle KRC Danyelle.Williams@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3170
Williamson Tracy District Tracy.Williamson@hask12.org Psychologist 3711
Willoughby Jodi Holly El Jodi.Willoughby@hask12.org Secretary 3613
Winglemire Audrey KRC Audrey.Winglemire@hask12.org Head Start Coordinator 3027
Wissmueller Lisa Transportation Lisa.Wissmueller@hask12.org Bus Driver 3090
Wolcott Angela District Angela.Wolcott@hask12.org Occupational Therapist 3170
Woodzell Carolyn Holly El Carolyn.Woodzell@hask12.org Teacher 5649
Y á á á á á
Yaldo Lina Middle School Lina.Yaldo@hask12.org Teacher 5462
Young Patricia Middle School Patricia.Young@hask12.org Healthcare/Para Educator 3400
Z á á á á á
Zile Andra Transportation Andra.Zile@hask12.org Bus Driver 3090
Zorn Charlene High School Charlene.Zorn@hask12.org Teacher 5262

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